Tekkit classic reloaded

Tekkit classic reloaded

Tekkit classic reloaded
Created by the Technic teamTekkit Classic is a modpack for the record breaking sandbox construction game Minecraft. It brings together some of the best mods from the Minecraft community for automating, industrializing and powering your worlds and bundles them into one easy download! Tekkit Classic runs on a base of Minecraft 1. Please note that this wiki only covers Tekkit Classic. It does not cover Tekkit Lite or the latest in the Tekkit series " Tekkit ". So I've been running a tekkit classic server for some good months with my frien…. My issue is that tekkit classic, for me, runs a lot slower on a laptop tha…. Is your user page empty? Click on your user name at the top of the screen to see. Click "Edit" to add some information about yourself! You must have a premium Minecraft account, before you can play Tekkit. Once you have that, go and download the Technic Platform to get started. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Welcome to the Tekkit Classic Wiki. Latest Admin Blogs 0. June 2, by Patric Tekkit Classic experts and researchers needed! December 26, by Patric Hello everyone! Solar Power Mechanics April 24, by Patric The future of this wiki July 17, by Watson Well, well, well It has been a long time, hasn't it. New staff needed! November 8, by Watson Yes, you read it correctly! Updates to the forums November 8, by Watson As the title suggests, this blog is about some updates I've made to the Forums! Userpage Updates November 2, by Watson New Template! June 24, by JeterNYY. Hai all!

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Forgot Password? If you want to install Bukkit plugins on your Tekkit Classic server then the latest versions will not always work, this is because the Tekkit Classic servers use CraftBukkit 1. We have compiled this list complete with links and version numbers so that you can install all the plugins you want without any problems. For a guide on how to install them, read this article: Installing a Plugin using Multicraft Control Panel. Plugin page: Tekkit Reloader Download : Version 1. Plugin page: Enderportalfix Tekkit Download : Version 1. Plugin page: Tekkit Restrict Download : Version 2. Plugin page: Essentials Download : Version 2. Download : Version 2. Plugin page: Coreprotect Download : Version 2. Plugin page: Worldguard Download : Version 5. Plugin page: Lockette Download : Version 1. Plugin page: Antiswearing Download : Version 2. Plugin page: Citizens Download : Version 1. Plugin page: Craftbook Download : Version 3. Plugin page: Factions Download : Version 1. Plugin page: Jobs Download : Version 2. Plugin page: Mob Arena Download : Version 0. Plugin page: Towny Advanced Download : Version 0. Plugin page: Zav auto-messenger Download : Version 1. Plugin page: Chest Shop Download : Version 3. Plugin page: SignShop Download : Version 2. Plugin page: Vault Download : Version 1.

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These units are not similar to actual real life electricity; they are "virtual" items that can stack an unlimited amount of times but need storage items like RE Batteries or a cable network to be used. EU stored in items or devices will not decay over time. Some machines allow a lever to be mounted directly on its block. If the computer or server is able to handle all ingame calculations, the game will operate at about 20 ticks per second. If this is not the case, the clockrate will drop significantly and you will notice ingame time slowdown. For example, if the clockrate is 10, a second in game will last as long as 2 seconds in real time. EU-Packets are the transmission containers of EUs. They represent voltage in Industrial Craft 2. Multiple EU-Packets can pass through a cable at any given time. From this reading, one would assume that the BatBox should explode since it has a maximum input of 32 EUt. This is because the EU is being sent as 5 separate packets of 10EU each. The max input refers to the maximum packet size and not the total amount of EU. Storage devices and transformers with a redstone current applied to them, output 1 EU-Packet of its respective tier, while transformers without redstone current will output enough EU-Packets to not blow up machines of the same tier, but the total amount of EU passing through the cable will not change. Note that energy loss calculated for a cable is on a per packet basis. Large quantities of power are best transferred by stepping down from extreme to high voltage, then using Glass Fibre Cable. There is no way to measure what size of packets travels through a cable or machine without an EU-Reader but they can be read from EU emitting blocks. So sending 32 EU-Packets results in times the energy loss of the cable where sending one EU-Packet only result in one time the energy loss of the cable. A Nuclear Reactor is able to provide power of variable "Voltage" based on setup. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. EUwhich stands for Energy Unit, is the measuremant of energy production, consumption, transmission and storage in IndustrialCraft. Every IndustrialCraft 2 machine is involved in the production, storage, or consumption of EU. Raw EU values are used to measure capacity of energy storage items or blocks. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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Tekkit classic reloaded
As part of the Unified Community Platform project, this wiki and 38 others will be migrated to the new platform in the next few weeks. Minimal changes are expected as part of this migration. Read more here. It is a general kitchensink modpack with a combination of both industrial and magical mods. Tekkit was one of the earliest modpacks, and is today considered one of the most popular modpacks. It was originally released as a Bukkit -compatible replacement for Technic SMP ; the name is a combination of the words "Technic" and "Bukkit". Sign In. From Feed The Beast Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Use technology and magic to build and destroy as you see fit, with your friends and against your enemies. The greatest mod content for Minecraft, wrapped up in a neat, easy to run, self-contained Bukkit-enabled package. Categories : Modpacks Official Technic modpacks. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. Discussions Centralized 5 Bot operators' 0 Translators' 5 Admin's 5. This page was last edited on 11 Marchat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Push Minecraft to its Limit, With Friends Alter the world, traverse its skies and dive into its seas. Advanced Machines. SpaceToadKraphtSirSengir. Charging Bench.

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Tekkit classic reloaded
This is a guide to help players get started in Tekkit Classic, using the IndustrialCraft2 mod. Players who need help to do Vanilla processes should go to this website. Keep in mind, that wiki uses versions after 1. There's a completed compendium of several key mods made by Harrypee. If you've got questions, feel free to contact me. It doubles almost all of your ores. Though, to understand IC2, you need to understand a few concepts:. In order to start with Tekkit, you need to survive a few nights. The Minecraft wiki has articles on that, so I recommend you go and check those out. In order to build fantastic contraptions, loads of resources are needed. Mining is crucial to obtain these resources. There will also be new ores, from various mods. A rubber tree. Note the 3 leaf blocks at the top: This is how you find and recognize them. Treetaps are used to harvest Sticky Resin from Rubber Trees. Once you've crafted a Treetap, use it by right-clicking on the Resin. Once all the Resin is collected, smelt the Resin. It turns into 1 Rubber. Use Charcoal instead of Coal. Charcoal is renewable: Coal isn't yet. Just like Ores, only smelt Sticky Resin when it's needed. Copper Cables are the base item needed to transfer EU from one machine to another. They'll explode!!! Refined Iron is a very important item in IndustrialCraft. You'll need a lot of it. It is the base for most IC2 Machines, items and tools.

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Tekkit classic reloaded
The Recycler is an IndustrialCraft2 machine that can recycle almost any block or item, destroying the block or item in the process. After each operation, it has a If you use a handsaw to break apart blocks into slabs, panels, or covers, you can produce more scrap using less materials, but, depending on the tier of the saw, the gain in scrap may be outweighed by the cost of the saw. There are three uses for scrap. The first use is to craft a Scrap Box. Right clicking while holding the Scrap Box will transform the Scrap Box into another random item. Scrap placed in the Mass Fabricator reduces the energy intake one sixth when producing one UU-Matter. Any material can be placed into the top slot of the Recycler. Each item recycled has a In order to pump out scrap, you need Pipes or Pneumatic Tubes on any the horizontal sides of the Recycler. The Recycler, with no overclockers, completes an operation in exactly 2. It takes 4 Recyclers to keep pace with a fully powered quarry. Blacklisted items will be consumed in process but won't produce any Scrapas specified in the IC2. A condenser hooked up to collectors, relays and a pipe can create infinite amounts of a resource like cobblestone, which can then be pumped into the recycler, with any produced scrap pumped out into another chest. Alternatively, a cobblestone generator automated with Block Breakers can do the same job without the need for complex machines. A simple and cheap way to produce extra scrap is to split a material into Micro Blocks with a Handsawwhich can boost the output of a recycling operation fold. This can be automated and is ridiculously efficient, and input can be condensed into Dirt or something for even more efficiency, making the scrap output 32 times the item's EMC value. For the maximum single block efficiency blocks should be cut into slabs, then panels, then covers and finally cover corners. The four slots on the right are used to place upgrades in the machine. You can stack upgrades, but there is no use having more than 4 transformer upgrades or 10 overclocker upgrades. Powering the machine with more than 8 overclockers requires an energy storage upgrade. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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